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Hi, my name is Viktoriya. I am 34 years old. I am a copywriter; you could discover more of my articles at I graduated with honors in the college. Already studied all the material, filled with energy and ready to start working. The site is open, all activities are in front of the eyes. But where do I begin? Up to now is dizzy... No, it is not hysterics, it's not fear, but it's rather confusion or excitement! I am an individual with higher education, I know a lot, I can do a great deal of things. Click, just another clicks. I started to work. The very initial steps were uncertain. I'm already writing a comment, the second, next, I create a topic, I convey in a forum. But, as they say the eyes are fearful, palms do! I am likely to success step-by-step, gradually I will have the ability to perform more and better! Time to get work is gradually rising, interest is rising. I am getting more and more drawn in. It's Necessary to observe that today, it is far easier to pick up the copywriter. A conscientious copywriter is located online at any time of day, at any portion of Russia and the CIS. It's always in the service of competitive advertising. The copywriter should maintain any advertising service of the enterprise (company). He writes news posts, makes press releases, takes interviews... Every sound, self-respecting firm has a team, freelance, at the extreme situation, there is a distant fighter. Involvement of the copywriter in the job on the website is an effective method of boosting the sites in order to make a profit. Look for interesting jobs, all the most terrible things finally clear up. Work for a copywriter came unexpectedly - negative, just appeared free time! I used to fill all this time together with crap (games on the computer, guessing crosswords, reading detectives). Useful - I don't argue, however, after all, you are able to spend this time with a dual, and despite the triple advantage, doing the identical thing, but much more so, and getting in exactly the same time on merit! That's when I thought of working in your home. At precisely the identical time, it needed to meet numerous conditions: a free program of job, intriguing, without excommunication in the house. I began searching through forums. A number of them offered a project with a minimal investment at the BUY, however, these choices weren't even examined to the end. I, the You see on your pocket, however tiny, but still start earning money, the disposition just improves, the desire to work increases. I will try. Besides, I am a humanitarian in nature, my job as a copywriter is close to me! Copywriter,'m your origin along with the possibility of the desired profit. Copywriter, I'm looking forward to a customer who believes about his profit with precise and specific tasks ready. I undertake not to put my name on screen when I get an order to create public speeches. I also undertake not to appropriate other people's ideas and trust for reciprocity.